M2M - Great Streets


About the Twin Cities Great Streets Project

The Cities of Crystal City and Festus were awarded a grant for Great Streets Initiative planning assistance by East-West Gateway Council of Governments. This Great Streets project seeks to fortify Main Street, Bailey, and Mississippi between the two city halls and improve connections among the neighborhoods. This is truly a unique opportunity to author a strategy for reimagining our downtowns for a brighter reality!

About the Great Streets Initiative

The Great Streets Initiative challenges communities to envision streets as more than spaces for automotive travel, but as integrated conduits for moving people, improving connectivity, enhancing local economies, improving ecology, and creating attractive, interesting places – in brief, building stronger communities and rethinking the relationships between streets and their social and economic objectives.

Both communities will engage in group discussions to fully identify the context, challenges, opportunities, and options before the detailed plan document can be developed. We will share public engagement opportunities along the way throughout the project.

Goals of the project are to:

• CREATE A STRATEGY FOR THE FUTURE. Support the long-enduring, positive relationship between Crystal City and Festus, which will include a vision and identify for the traditional commercial centers.

• LEVERAGE PAST PLANNING INITATIVES. Incorporate past planning initiatives, including the comprehensive plans for Crystal City and Festus.

• ENHANCE IMAGE. Improve the image of both downtown districts to embrace practical function, longevity, and ecological best practices to create an inviting and enduring public space.

• BRANDING. Coordinate a branding strategy that reinforces the unique identities of Crystal City and Festus.

• ECONOMIC MARKET ANALYSIS. Analyze the different market realities and challenges driving both Festus and Crystal City and the need for a long-term stewardship of both local economies within the context of each other and region.

• MOBILITY FOR ALL. Optimize better connections to neighborhoods, open green spaces, and other assets of the two communities, for all modes including pedestrians, cyclists, and people with mobility impairments.

• ENHANCE TRANSITIONS. Explore better transitions between downtowns, including the functional and aesthetic possibilities.

• PARKING. Assess parking - its use (pedestrian and vehicular), impact on adjacent neighborhoods, and impact on storm water and other environmental systems – within the context of long- term land use and development recommendations.

• DEVELOPMENT SCENARIOS. Explore redirections for underused areas, including infill development and reuse, and preservation strategies.

• ACCESS TO MISSISSIPPI RIVER. Look for ways to provide direct free public access to the river.

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 Public input events will be held the weeks of February 1 and February 15 consisting of Design Studios that focus on sections of the study area from Main Street in Festus to Mississippi Avenue in Crystal City. See attached map. These interactive design studios will be held at the First Baptist Church, 107 N. Truman Boulevard, where participants can learn about the process, share ideas and concerns, and offer feedback on emerging concepts. Participants can attend for 15 minutes, an entire session, or all sessions. The goal of these workshops is to imagine the area’s future and steps to realizing its full potential.

Design Studio Schedule – First Baptist Church, 107 N. Truman Blvd.

Tuesday, February 1st, 4pm-7pm (Focus: Festus Main Street)

Wednesday, February 2nd, 11am-1pm (Focus: Festus Main Street)

Thursday, February 3rd, 4pm-7pm (Focus: Main Street and Bailey Road)

Tuesday, February 15th, 4pm-7pm (Focus: Bailey Road)

Wednesday, February 16th, 11am-1pm (Focus: Bailey Road and Mississippi Avenue)

Thursday, February 17th, 4pm-7pm (Focus: Mississippi Avenue to Main Street)

Map your ideas and concerns for the M2M: Main to Mississippi Plan, which stretches from Festus’ City Hall to Crystal City’s City Hall. Ideas/concerns can range from functional street improvements to placemaking enhancements