Business License Tax on Gross Receipts:

(a) Every person doing business as an adult oriented business, retail grocers, grocery stores, bakeries for retail, merchants, drugstores, confectioners, cigar and tobacco stores, tailoring shops, tailors, shoe repair shops, shoe cobblers, wood dealers, coal dealers, fluor mills, grain mills, lumber dealers, retail florists, restaurants, lunchrooms, soft drink shops, soft drink stands, ice cream parlors, ice cream stands and drive-in eating establishments shall pay a license tax based on gross annual receipts from such business as set forth in subsection (b).

(b) There is hereby levied and shall be collected upon and against every person defined and designated in subsection (a) for the privilege of doing business at any store, stand or place occupied for that purpose within the city an annual license tax as of and on the first day of July of each year, in amount and form as follows:

On every one thousand dollars ($1,000) of gross revenue or major portion thereof, the sum of fifty cents ($0.50) per one thousand collars ($1,000).

Provided, that the minimum amount hereunder shall be a license tax of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) and not any maximum.


Schedule of Daily Business License Fees:

Any person engaged in any of the following businesses, trades, occupations, professions or avocations in the city shall pay to the city a per diem license tax in the amounts indicated below:

Athletic Exhibitions: Commercial 50.00
Auctioneers 25.00
Balls or Dances: Commercial 100.00
Circuses: Commercial 100.00
Concerts: Commercial 50.00
Drummers 5.00
Equestrian Exhibitions: Commercial 100.00
Lung Testers 100.00
Parades: Commercial 50.00
Side Shows: Commercial 100.00
Street Exhibitions 100.00
Street Fairs: Commercial 100.00
Theatrical Exhibitions: Commercial 50.00



Schedule of Annual Business License Fees "Other":

Any person who is engaged in any of the following businesses, trades, occupations, professions or avocations in the city shall pay to the city an annual license tax in the amounts specified below.

Abstract Agencies 25.00
Abstractors 25.00
Adult Oriented Business 100.00
Advertising Companies 50.00
Amusement Parks 100.00
Architects 50.00
Artists 25.00
Auction Houses 50.00
Auto Accessory Dealers 50.00
Automatic Cleaning Shops 50.00
Automobile: New Sales Companies 100.00
Automobile: Used Sales Companies 100.00
Auto Wrecking Shops 50.00
Banks 200.00


Barbers, Barbershops, Hairdressers, Beauty Shops, Cosmetology Schools

1st Chair = 10.00

Add'l Chair = 5.00

Baseball Parks: Commercial 50.00
Bathhouses 25.00
Billposters 25.00
Blacksmith Shops 25.00
Boarding Houses 25.00
Book Binders 25.00
Bottling Works 50.00
Bowling Alleys 10.00/alley
Brick Contractors 50.00
Bridge Contractors 50.00
Brokers 100.00
Building Contractors 50.00
Bulk Oil and Gasoline Companies 50.00
Bus Companies 50.00
Butchers: Wholesale 100.00
Car Washes 50.00
Carpenter Contractors 50.00
Cement Contractors 50.00
Chiropodists 25.00
Cleaning or Pressing Establishments 50.00
Coffee and Tea: Foreign Dealers 25.00
Coin-Operated Gaming Devices, Per Machine 5.00
Collection Agents 25.00
Corn Doctros 25.00
Discount Houses 200.00
Dye Works 50.00
Electrical Contractors 50.00
Employment Agents 50.00
Employment Offices 50.00
Excavators or Dirt Movers (or both) 25.00
Express Salvage Stores 100.00
Feather Renovators 50.00
Fish Ponds 25.00
Foundries 100.00
Gasoline and Oil Stations 50.00
Golf Courses 100.00
Health Schools 50.00
Horse and Cattle Dealers 25.00
Hotels 50.00
Ice Plants 25.00
Inspectors 25.00
Installment Houses 200.00
Insulating Contractors 50.00
Insurance Agents, Agencies, and Sales Office 50.00
Insurance Brokers, Licensed by the State 50.00
Intelligence Offices 50.00
Job Printing Shops 50.00
Junk Dealers 100.00
Laundries or Cleaners(or both) 50.00
Laundromats 50.00
Laundry Agents 50.00
Loan Agents 100.00
Loan Brokers 200.00
Loan Companies (not Building and Loan) 200.00
Machine Shops 25.00
Mail Order Retail Stores 100.00
Manufacturer Agents 100.00
Manufacturers 100.00
Meatpackers: Wholesale 100.00
Menageries 150.00
Mercantile Agents 25.00
Miniature Golf Courses 50.00
Mobile Home Parks 25.00
Money Brokers 200.00
MoneyChangers 200.00
Monument Dealers 25.00
Motels 50.00
Motion Picture Shows 50.00
Muscle Developers 50.00
Museums 100.00
Newspaper Offices and Job Printing Offices 100.00
Nursery Stock Agents 25.00
Office Buildings 50.00
Opera Houses 50.00
Opticians 25.00
Painting Contractors 50.00
Paper Hanger Contractors 50.00
Pawnbrokers 25.00
Photographs: On the Street and Itinerant 100.00
Photographers with Permanent Stands or Office 50.00
Piano and Organ Dealer Agents 25.00
Pistol Galleries 50.00
Plastering Contractors 50.00
Plumbing Contractors 50.00
Pool and Billiard Rooms: Per Table 10.00
Private Parks 50.00
Produce and Poultry Dealers 25.00
Public Grounds 50.00
Railroad Salvage Stores 100.00
Rating Companies 200.00
Ready-to-Wear Clothing Agents 10.00
Real Estate Agents 50.00
Roller Skating Rinks 50.00
Rooming Houses 25.00
Sand Plants 50.00
Scale Houses 25.00
Scrap Dealers (Junk Dealers) 100.00
Secondary Raw Material Dealer 100.00
SewerContractors 50.00
Sewing Machine Agents 25.00
Shoe Shine Parlors 25.00
Shooting Galleries 50.00
Shooting Ranges:Outdoor 100.00
Sidewalk Contractors 50.00
Steam Fitters 25.00
Stockyards 25.00
Stone Contractors 50.00
Storage Warehouses for Hire 100.00
Street Contractors 50.00
Swimming Pools 50.00
Tailor Made Clothing Agents 25.00
Taxicabs 50.00
Television: Sales and Service 25.00
Ten Pin Alleys: Per Alley 10.00
Tinners 25.00
Tree Trimmers and Tree Surgeons 25.00
Undertakers 50.00
Wholesale Houses 100.00




Alcoholic Beverages:

License taxes for alcoholic beverages from July 1 through June 30 are as follows:

Nonintoxicating Beer by the Drink, Annually 75.00
Malt Liquor and Light Wine by the Drink on Premises, Annually


Intoxicating Liquor, Original Package Consumed Off Premise, Annually 150.00
Intoxicating Liquor, by the Drink on Premise and Sale of Original Package Annually 450.00
Sunday Sales, in Addition to Other Fees, Annually 300.00



Business License Penalty Ordinance 3914

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