711 West Main Street
Phone 636-937-4694
City Hall Fax 636-937-2140
Court Fax - 636-937-5999

City Hall/Court
Cage, Mike Mayor 304 mayorcage@cityoffestus.org
Navarro, Adrienne Court Administrator 310 anavarro@cityoffestus.org
Guidicy, Michelle Financial Admin. Assistant 303 michelle.guidicy@cityoffestus.org
Hicks, Miranda Accounts Receivable/Reception 300 miranda@cityoffestus.org
Karoly, Brenna Receptionist/Court Clerk 301 bkaroly@cityoffestus.org
Martin, Sharon Accounts Payable 308 acct.payable@cityoffestus.org
Parsons, Pat Finance Director 305 festusfinance@cityoffestus.org
Patek, Kerry  City Clerk 302 kerry.patek@cityoffestus.org
Sago, Margaret Human Resources 306 m.sago@cityoffestus.org
Wadsak, Larry City Attorney 309 lwadsack@lashleybaer.com
Open City Administrator 307  


Police Department
100 Park Drive
Phone 636-937-3646
Emergencies - 9-1-1
Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Police Administration  Department


Bitter, Joyce Chief Dispatcher  200 jbitter@cityoffestus.org
Cox, Tommy Detective 208 trcox51@cityoffestus.org
Fitzsimmons, Cory  Sergeant 217 csfitzsimmons44@cityoffestus.org
Gurnow, Debbie  Central Records 203 dgurnow@cityoffestus.org
Lewis, Timothy Police Chief 204 chieflewis@cityoffestus.org
Merchant, Mike Sergeant 218 mmerchant53@cityfestus.org
Thomas, Terry Detective 209 tthomas62@cityoffestus.org
Smith, Donna  Administrative Assistant 205 dsmith@cityoffestus.org
Wendel, Doug Sergeant 207 dwendel61@cityoffestus.org



950 North Fifth Street
Phone 636-937-6646
Fax 636-937-6619
Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Personnel Department Ext. Email
Lowry, Barb Parks/Public Works Clerk 102 public.works@cityoffestus.org
Cannon, Gary Building/Subdivision Inspector 109 gary.cannon@cityoffestus.org
Clemens, Matt Building Commissioner 103 matt.clemens@cityoffestus.org
Greg Breher Fire Inspector 104 g.breher@cityoffestus.org
Crites, Larry  Park Superintendent 636-933-9434 parks@cityoffestus.org
Dollar, Shain Street Foreman 112 shain.dollar@cityoffestus.org
Harris, Mark  Building Inspector 106 mark.harris@cityoffestus.org
McKenna, Christie Public Works Clerk 101 water.billing@cityoffestus.org
Mullins, Timothy Animal Control Officer 636-933-3619 tim.mullins@cityoffestus.org  
Provo, Dawn Utility Billing Clerk 100 dawn.provo@cityoffestus.org
Stephens, Bob Consultant   b.stephens@cityoffestus.org
Josh Whaley Water/Sewer Forman 113 jwhaley@cityoffestus.org
Tindall, Jim Facilities Maintenance 108 j.tindall@cityoffestus.org


City Council  Ward Email Phone
Gary Underwood I councilmanunderwood@cityoffestus.org 636-931-1860
Paul Schaffer I councilmanschaffer@cityoffestus.org 314-780-3105
Brian Wehner II councilmanwehner@cityoffestus.org 636-937-6980
Tim Montgomery II councilmanmontgomery@cityoffestus.org 314-808-3718
Bill Gray III councilmangray@cityoffestus.org 636-232-8293
Bobby Venz III councilmanvenz@cityoffestus.org 636-208-5242
Tinnin, Jim IV councilmantinnin@cityoffestus.org 636-931-8208
Michael Cook IV councilmancook@cityofffestus.org 314-775-6464