Emergency Telephone 911 Tax Imposed at 10%

The City of Festus originally passed on April 24, 1991, under Ordinance No. 2174, an emergency telephone service and financing such service at 7.10% of the basic telephone bills; and establishing an effective date.  Whereas, R.S.Mo 190.300-190.320 authorizes the City of Festus, Missouri, to enter into a contract with the provider of emergency telephone service and to impose an emergency telephone tax in an amount not to exceed ten percent of the tariffed local service rate as defined in section 190.300, in those portions of the City of Festus where such an emergency telephone service is contracted.

On June 27, 2007, the  City of Festus passed Ordinance No. 3725  establishing the emergency telephone 911 tax rate from 7.10% to 10% of the basic telephone service bill, which collection of said tax shall commenced on October 1, 2007.