Festus Fire Department Burn Permits

Available at City Hall 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
New Chapter 5 Open Burning Regulation - Effective 1-29-95
(St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson and Franklin Counties, and St. Louis City)

City of Festus and Festus Rural Fire


Burning leaves, brush vegetation in incorporated areas  CITY  BANNED COMPLETELY 
Burning leaves, brush vegetation outside of incorporated areas LOCAL FIRE DEPARTMENT PERMIT (RURAL) Only between September 16 and April 14, and only between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and cannot exceed 16 square feet.
Burning vegetation at land clearing operations anywhere in Ch. 5 area  CITY / RURAL Must obtain DNR ACD permit
Burning household refuse in incorporated areas  CITY BANNED COMPLETELY
Burning household refuse outside of incorporated areas RURAL BANNED COMPLETELY
Burning trade waste, burning tires, salvage operations by open burning CITY / RURAL BANNED COMPLETELY
Agricultural burning (pest control, crop management)  Between April 15 and September 15, person must notify DNR (in writing) 48 hours prior to burn; DNR can delay burn if ozone is high.Burning between September 15 and April 15 is not regulated. Landclearing operations associated with crop production will need a DNR permit. ACD may be required based on population density.
Fire training (firefighters or industrial employees)  Must notify DNR (in writing) 24 hours prior to training. In the case of a fire department burning a building, the Fire Dept is responsible for removal of ACM, shingles, floor or ceiling tiles, any petroleum based materials, etc. prior to burning.
Warm season grass burns Not regulated in any way by state LOCAL FIRE DEPARTMENT PERMIT (CITY / RURAL)
Recreational fires Not regulated in any way by state LOCAL FIRE DEPARTMENT PERMIT (CITY / RURAL) 
Noncommercial barbeque cooking fires  Not regulated in any way 

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