City of Festus

Fire Marshal’s Office

Fire Department Connection FDC


The City of Festus requires the Fire Department Connection (FDC) to be a stand alone connection. The connection must follow all International Fire Code and NFPA requirements. The FDC connection shall meet all test requirements.


  1. The Fire Department Connection (FDC) shall be a free standing and remote from the building at a distance from the building equal to 150 % of the height of the exterior wall.
  2. The FDC shall be equipped with a signal five (5) inch thread-less Storz brand connection and shall have a 30-45 degree downward deflection. The Storz connection shall connect to the pipe outlet from the building using National Standard Thread.  The FDC piping underground shall be equipped with a ball drip valve to ensure there is no standing water in the connection and that the piping does not freeze.
  3. The FDC shall be arranged to face a paved roadway, sidewalk or other approved area and shall be installed so that it will not interfere with access to the building when hoses are laid from the closest public hydrant to the FDC.  The FDC shall be located on the same side of the lot/or building as the closet public fire hydrant or a maximum of one hundred (100) feet.
  4. The FDC shall be arranged so that the connection is no more then (48) inches above the finished grade, sidewalk or location of the connection.
  5. The standing pipe to the connection shall be painted red and white with letters FDC painted on top of the red painted pipe.
  6. A Knox brand locking cap with a chain or cable shall be provided for the FDC. A Knox application can be obtained at the Fire Marshals office.
  7. Where the FDC is subject to vehicle damage, the connection shall be protected per the fire code.



Fire Department Connection Sign

Wherever the Fire Department Connection (FDC) is not visible to approaching fire apparatus, the fire department connection shall be indicated by an approved sign mounted above the connection. If you have a stand alone fire department connection, for instance on a parking lot island or along a street, the sign shall posted on a post not blocking the connection. The sign shall be 14" inch wide and 10" high with a white back ground with red letters.

FDC Sign


Directly under the FDC lettering other information is added as needed, such as the type of system, the areas of the building that the system serves, location, or a directional arrow.
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