• Fire fighter controling the fire at LA Jade
  • Fire fighter spraying a fire from the street
  • Fire fighter climbing the ladder
  • Fire fighter spraying a fire with large smoke cloud
  • Fire of LA Jade being sprayed with water
  • People watching the fire fighter contain the fire
  • Fire fighter on a ladder spraying a fire
  • Group of fire fighters spraying a building through the windows
  • One fire fighter on the walkie talkie while two others spray a fire inside a building
  • Fire in a brick building being sprayed with water
  • Firefighters talking
  • Fire fighter wearing a mask prepares to climb the ladder
  • Fire fighters standing at the base of a ladder
  • Fire fighter on a knee adjusting his gear
  • Fire Department vehicle
  • Fire Truck on the street
  • Fire Truck with a ladder
  • Fire Truck with no Ladder
  • Fire fighters spraying water
  • Fire fighters working with water hoses
  • Festus fire units

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