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What do I need to get a building permit?


We require different information for different projects.

If you are installing a pool or a shed, we need for you to draw on a sheet of paper where the pool or shed is going to be located in relation to the property lines and the house. Pools and sheds must be at least 5 ft. from the property lines and 6 ft. from the house. In addition we need to know the size of the structure.  It will take 1-2 weeks to process

For remodeling a house or adding an addition, call us for specific requirements because it depends on the types of changes you’ll be making.

Building a home requires 2 sets of plans be submitted to our office. We will review them, notify you on necessary corrections, and then issue a building permit. A spot survey of the house on the lot is not required, but a foundation survey must be submitted prior to occupancy. We will have the plans ready in 2 weeks.

When the submission is commercial, industrial, or institutional construction then 2 sets of signed/sealed architect or engineered plans covering structural, electrical, mechanical, site, and plumbing must be submitted. The plan review process takes minimum 4 weeks.

What inspections are required during construction?


Footing inspection

Concrete foundation wall inspection

Basement plumbing ground rough (floor drain, basement bathroom , etc., if applicable)

Temporary/permanent electric (meter base, panelboard, if applicable)

Framing, electric, and plumbing rough (open wall inspection prior to insulating - inspected at the same time)

Building sewer tap (yard trap, schedule 40 4” pipe required, if applicable)

Building water tap inspection


Certificates of Occupancy: When are they required?


An inspection shall be made when a structure or premises becomes vacant and before it is occupied again.

The fee for an occupancy inspection is $35. There is only an additional charge when a third reinspection is required.

Deck or Porch Installation Requirements


Any deck 30 inches above the ground must have a 36'' guardrail with Slats or spindles.
Slats or Spindles must be no further than 4 inches apart.
Slats or spindles must be vertical (not horizontal to create a ladder effect).
Sunburst patterns are okay as long as the 4 inch maximum space is maintained.

Landings incorporated in with steps or at the bottom of steps must be 3 feet by 3 feet.
  A) Riser maximum is 8 1/4 inches.
  B) Tread depth is minimum 9 inches.

Risers should not exceed 3/16 of an inch difference between adjacent steps and no more
that 3/8 of an inch difference between any two in a complete set.

Guardrail/handrail combinations must be between 36 and 42 inches above the leading
edge of a step.

Guardrails must be used for steps 30 inches above the ground and must block both sides
of a set of steps if both sides are Open. (If one side of the steps is adjacent to the concrete
foundation wall of a building then that would be considered sufficient.)

Installing a Fence


A fence does not require a permit.

It can be a maximum of 7 feet tall from the face of the building to the rear property line. The maximum height in the front yard is 42 inches (or 48" for chain link or otherwise unobstructed for sight). (Section 31-70.)

A corner lot has to maintain vision clearance. This is how to determine a vision clearance problem: Measure along the pavement 15 feet in each direction (see upper right corner in diagram below), then cross from point to point which is 30 ft. and nothing in that triangle can be over 3 ft. or lower than 12 ft. (Some fences like chain link do not affect this problem.) It also applies to rear yards where the neighbors utilize the backyard for parking and must have a clear view to back out into the alley. (Section 31-10)

Some lots are along streets that have Rights-of-way. This means that your property may not go all the way to the street pavement or alley surfacing. It is your responsibility to locate your property line and not assume the curb or edge of the asphalt is the edge of your property line.

For more information please call the building department at

(636) 937-6646

Pool Installation Requirements


The pool structure must be at least five feet from the property lines (rear and side) and six feet from the house. It can abut a deck, but it must still be six feet from the house.

The pool must have a minimum 48 inch barrier. This can be a chain-link or wood slat fence with openings no larger than four inches, or the exterior of an above ground pool. If any of the exterior is less than 48 inches, a guardrail has to be installed to meet the 48 inch minimum requirement. The ladder must have the capability to be locked in an upright position or be able to be removed to deny access. Fences must have self-closing and latching gates that can be locked.   This also includes decks.

Electric to the pool must be installed underground in cable or conduit using 14/2 or 12/2 with ground electric wiring. Extension cords are only allowed temporarily. Electric must run to a treated four inch by four inch post at least five to ten feet away from the outer edge of the pool water. The outlet must be GFCI protected, either with a GFCI breaker or outlet.

Pools cannot be installed over a utility easement.

LOOK UP. Overhead electrical conductors must be ten feet outside (measured horizontally) from the edge of the pool water.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a final inspection, please call the Building Department at 937-6646.

Residential Re-Roofing Requirements


The City of Festus has adopted and enforces the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC).

Requirements for Ice barrier & drip edge:

Section R905.2.7.1 mentions Ice Barrier “In areas where there has been a history of ice forming along the eaves causing a backup of water as designated in Table R301.2(1)”.  Per Table R301.2(1), Ice Barrier Underlayment is NOT required.

The 2009 IRC does not mention use of “drip edge” therefore drip edge is NOT required.

During the reroofing or repair/replacement, all manufacturer installation instruction and requirements must be followed.

A building permit is NOT required for most standard reroofing projects.  If there is repair or replacement of any structural member (truss, rafter, sheeting or etc.), a building permit may be required.  Please contact the Festus Building Department for advisement.

A contractors license IS required for any work performed in the City of Festus.




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