Twin City Days Concert with That 80's Band

The newest jewel in the West City Park crown is the West City Park Stage located on the upper field from Sunshine Dr.  The stage is 20 feet wide by 50 feet long with a metal overhead roof to protect the performers.  The stage is 4 feet off the ground so there is good visibility by all of those on the field.  Electric is 208 3-phase, with 4 separate 20 amp circuits available on the stage as well as a Posi-Lock system (not Camlock) for those needing up to 208 3-phase.  A 50 ft. long by 40 ft. wide concrete "dance floor" is located in the front, along with 6x6 concrete pads for speaker stands to the left and right of the stage, accessibility from the adjacent road, 100 amp vendor electric on both sides with 9-20 amp and 3-220 volt services available on each side, plus lots of room for lawn chairs, blankets and fun.

The cost to rent the facility to secure use of the stage will depend on the use requested.  All city sponsored functions and functions done by a city related organization will be at no cost.  All other uses will use the following fee schedule or request to the park board to have the fee waived.  The stage may be used without a reservation for individual/family events but the electric will not be accessible and those activities cannot interrupt a scheduled event.

Fee Schedule:
Concerts (profit and non-profit)         $500 per day
Wedding                                        $100 ($200 non-resident) 4 hour usage
Family/Individual                             $100 ($200 non-resident) 4 hour usage
Birthday/Anniversary                       $100 ($200 non-resident) 4 hour usage
Business Event                              $500 per day
Non-Profit Event                             $500 per day

Standard cleanup deposit

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