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The Festus Police Department currently has two detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigations Bureau.  The Bureau completes all criminal investigations which are initiated by the Patrol Division.  The Bureau then submits the completed investigations which have sufficient elements to the City or County Prosecutor's Office for review and possible filing of criminal charges against suspects.  The Prosecutor's Office decides whether charges will be filed against a suspect.  If charges are filed, cases proceed through the court process.

The Detective Bureau is a pro-active element of the Police Department.  The Detectives meet daily to discuss current trends and pending cases.  They interact with other agencies' investigative bureaus and often help coordinate such things as arrest and search warrants.  The Detective Bureau has the common goal of improving the quality of life in the community by concentrating on those people in society who commit crime.

If you would like to contact the Criminal Investigations Bureau, feel free to call (636) 937-3646.

Det. Tom Cox, DSN 51, has been in law enforcement since 1993.  He came to work for our department in 1999. Det. Cox transferred from the patrol division to the detective bureau in 2002.  He is assigned to the Major Case Squad for Greater St. Louis as an investigator; he is also assigned to the Quad City Task Force as an investigator, and a member of the International Homicide Investigators Association.  Det. Cox has an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences in Computer Systems and Network Technology, which assists the bureau in staying above the curve in computer related crimes.  Det. Cox is also the department's video forensic examiner for the Audio/Video Enhancement System from Ocean Systems, which was purchased by the Quad Cities to assist investigators with the ever changing video surveillance technology.  Det. Cox is one of the department's firearm instructors and also assigned as a weapon armorer.

Detective Terry Thomas, DSN 62


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