Passport Services

Be Prepared

If you are planning to travel outside the United States, you need a U.S Passport. The Festus Public Library is an official Passport Agency where we can process your application for a new passport. If you have any questions, please call the library at 636-937-2017.

Applying for a Passport

To apply for a passport you will need:

  • 1 Passport Photograph - Local studios: Walgreens, 519 South Truman Boulevard; Wal-Mart, 650 South Truman Boulevard; UPS Store 650 North Creek Road.
  • 2 Payments - Personal check or money order to U.S. Department of State and personal check, debit/credit card, or cash to Festus Public Library for processing (No starter/counter checks).
  • Application Form - completed but not signed (you will need to know your parents' birth dates and place of birth). Complete the form in black ink only.
  • Certified copy of your Birth Certificate - This will be mailed in with the passport and returned to you in a separate mailing. Birth certificates must contain the name of parent(s); be issued by the office of vital statistics of the state, county, or city of the issuing authority; indicate a registration or file date that is within one year of the birth, and be an original and certified document (notarized copies and photocopies are not accepted).
  • Children Under 16 - Both parents must be present.
  • Photo ID - Driver's license or valid government-issued picture ID (permits are not accepted).
  • Women Only - Previous marriage information (you will need to know dates and you may pick up this form at the Library).


Passport Book 

Adult Application Fee: $130 

Child under 16 Application Fee: $100

Passport Card

Adult Application Fee: $ 30 

Child under 16 Application Fee: $15

Library Fee

Processing fee payable to the library: $35

Additional Information

You may visit the U.S. Department of State website for passport information or call the Festus Public Library at 636-937-2017.

Passports are by appointment only. Please call the Library to set up your appointment. We will need your name, the number of adults applying, the number of minors applying, and a contact number. Passports are processed Mon-Thurs, 10-6, Fri 10-4, and Saturday 9:30-12:30. If you are unable to arrive on time, please call the Library. Applicants who are more than 15 minutes late will have their appointments rescheduled.