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Requests for Recommendations & Discovery

Effective January 1, 2020, ordinance violations of the City of Festus will be heard in Division 14 of the Jefferson County Court located at 300 Main Street, Hillsboro, MO 63050, with the Honorable Judge Timothy S. Miller presiding.

Attorneys requesting a Recommendation shall proceed as follows:

  1. A request for a recommendation must be electronically filed through the Missouri e-filing system, and should include a motion to continue the case(s) to the next call docket.  If there have been no previous requests for a continuance, this motion will typically be granted.  If the case is set for trial, no continuance will be granted without a court appearance.
  2. The prosecuting attorney will review the request and will email a signed recommendation to the defense attorney.  Please include your email address on your request for recommendation.
  3. If you are entering your appearance on a case which is not eligible to be resolved through the violations bureau, a recommendation can be provided, but a court appearance will be required to dispose of the case.  All Non-Traffic Offenses, Traffic Cases Involving an Accident, D.W.I., Driving while Suspended/Revoked, Speeding more then 26 MPH over the limit, and all other violations described in Missouri Supreme Court Rule 37.49(c) require a court appearance to dispose of the case.
  4. If you are entering your appearance on a case which is eligible to be paid through the violations bureau (most traffic offenses), you will receive a recommendation form signed by the prosecutor which may be paid prior to the next court date.  If the prosecutor is recommending probation, or if, due to the particular circumstances of a case, a court appearance is required, the recommendation will so state.
  5. On cases which can be disposed through the violations bureau, recommendation forms signed by the prosecutor and the defendant can be submitted to the circuit clerk’s office in person or by mail along with payment in full prior to the court date.  The circuit clerk can grant 30 additional days to receive payment in full.  If you do not have payment in full, or need more than 30 days to pay in full, the defense attorney must appear in court and the defendant must sign an agreement to pay form approved by the judge.
  6. If the defendant is charged with No Proof of Insurance, provide (either as an attachment to the request for a recommendation or via mail or email) to the prosecutor proof that your client was insured on the date of the ticket or is now insured.  If your client is charged with Driving While Suspended/Revoked or Driving Without a License, please mail or email a current driving record to the prosecutor.  Do Not E-File Driving Records on

The Municipal Prosecuting Attorney can be contacted at the following address:

Brian Malone, 714 Locust Street, St. Louis, MO 63101  or by email at:

You may also contact Mr. Malone’s assistant, Adrienne Navarro, at (636) 937-1282 ext. 310 with any questions.  Ms. Navarro is located at the City of Festus City Hall, 711 West Main Street, Festus, MO 63028.

Cases which can be disposed of without a court appearance may be paid by mailing the recommendation form signed by the prosecutor and defendant along with payment in full to the following address:  Jefferson County Circuit Clerk, Post Office Box 100, Hillsboro, MO 63050. Make checks payable to Jefferson County Circuit Clerk.  Please write "Festus Municipal" in the Memo Line of the check.  Do Not Mail Cash.

Failure to File

Failure to file the original Entry of Appearance with the Court may impede proper notice of your representation and possibly result in defendant’s warrants remaining active.

Thank You

Brian Malone, Prosecuting Attorney