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Tourism Funding Application

  1. Image of the Festus Tourism Commission Logo

  2. City of Festus Tourism Funding Application


  4. Event/Project Information...

    Describe below your project/event clearly and concisely. Your description should include name and purpose of project/event, dates, location, target audience, whether it is new or repeat, length and market origin of attendees (use previous research if available). Provide proof that project/event and organization are covered by liability insurance. Also, describe entertainment and any other relevant information.

  5. Impact

    Breakdown of the estimated tourism impact; such as overnight stays, potential use of restaurants, etc.

  6. Cost

    Total cost of project with breakdown of individual costs.

  7. Fees - Revenue

    Breakdown of any admission, fees or tickets that will be sold.

  8. Economics

    Estimated economic impact using $150/family per day as baseline amount if overnight stay required.

  9. Fundraiser

    If a non-for-profit organization and this event is in anyway a fundraiser for your organization, please explain.

  10. Not For Profit

    Please provide a copy of the organization's or event's not for profit status (IRS Letter).

  11. Only attach if applicable.

  12. Profit & Loss

    Please provide a recent profit and loss statement of the organization or the event.

  13. Only attach if applicable.

  14. Liability Insurance

    Please provide a copy of liability insurance for the organization or the event.

  15. Only attach if applicable.

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